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6 Best Meditation Tips In 2018

Do you know that if you take only a little time from your busy schedule for meditation then this will not only make you mentally strong but also you will find yourself a better person then before?

Everybody will agree that meditation will benefit you, meaning there is no harm in doing it.

This will make you much calmer than before. However many people still think that meditation is not appealing at all. For them, it is something for which they do not have time at all.

best meditation tips

That's why I am sharing some meditation tips today so that they can give meditation a place in their busy schedule and prepare themselves to meditate.

Best Meditation Tips

1) Select A Silent Place

best meditation tips in hindi

You should choose a right place according to your liking. The place is such that no one can disturb you. In a place, where you are surrounded by peaceful environment and are enjoying only meditation.

2) Choose A Right Time

best meditation tips

Meditation is done to relax. So, choose a time that exactly suits your need. In other words, choose a time in which no one disturbs you and you can continue doing your meditation without any problem. Both sunrise and sunset have been considered suitable for meditation. These are times when the transition between day and night occurs in nature.

3) Do Warm Up Before Meditation

Before meditation, doing a little warm up can make your body warm and remove body closeness. At the same time, it will make your body lighter and you will be able to give more attention to meditation. With warm up, you can also keep the waist straight and sit well.

4) Forget all anxiety

At the time of meditation, it is important that you forget all kinds of thoughts and anxiety and keep your focus completely on meditation.

5) Take a Deep Breathe

Pay attention to the speed of your breathing. Along with meditation, it is always better to breathe deeply.

6) Open Your Eyes Closely

Keep complete caution while finishing your meditation. Do not open your eyes in a hurry. Gently open your eyes and try to know the environment around you first. Such observations will help you to overcome meditation with ease.

This was some tips from my side for meditation. If you also do meditation and want to share some tips with our readers then do comment and share those tips.

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