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Why You Shouldn't Use Free Traffic Exchange Sites

When some people start a new blog, they think they can increase the traffic of the website with some hacks and tricks and many websites even promise the same thing.

why you shouldn't use traffic exchange sites

So that's why today I am going to tell you why you shouldn't use Free Traffic Exchange sites?

What is a Traffic Exchange Program?

The traffic exchange program is a method by which you can increase the traffic to your website fast without doing anything. Just like the way you will use it, many newbie bloggers are also using them. Because of this, a huge network is ready. The network includes many blogs or website which shares traffic among one another.

Let me explain this to you in some simple steps:

  • You have to first sign up for this traffic exchange program.
  • Then you have to earn points, which you can earn from opening others website.
  • Then you can use that points to increase your blog traffic.
  • And you have to keep doing it until you want to stop.
In simple words, you became part of a program in which you share views for views.

Is Traffic Exchange Program Safe For Adsense?

The simple and straightforward answer is "NO". If you think that you can earn a lot of money from Adsense by doing traffic exchange then you are thinking wrong.

Adsense has made it clear in its Terms & Condition that it does not allow traffic exchange program at all.

Adsense has said in its terms & condition that they do not recommend traffic exchanger. And if adsense find out that your traffic or the ad's impression is invalid then they may suspend your Adsense account.

Some More Valid Reasons For Not Using Traffic Exchange Program:

  • You may get a lot of free views but you will never get permanent readers by doing traffic exchange. The people coming from traffic exchange network would not be interested in reading your articles and it will become difficult for you to get true readers in the long term.
  • It will Increase your bounce rate also. I have already told you about bounce rate and what bounce rate means? So, those readers who come from traffic exchange program will not even spend few minutes on your website and close it which will affect your bounce rate too.
So these were some reasons to not use Traffic Exchanger websites. If you have any question related to traffic exchange program, you can ask them in the comment below.

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