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How To Write SEO-Friendly Content In 2018(Step By Step Guide)

How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts? How to bring the article to the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

SEO-Friendly blog post

Many new bloggers just start writing articles and publish it, and they do not get any traffic to their article and when they search there article they see it coming on 4th or 5th page of the search result.

The main reason their blog post does not get any traffic or come on the first page of the search result is Poor SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

The blog post is not SEO-Friendly and that is the main reason of its showing in 4th or 5th page of search result.

To solve this problem, I am sharing some method which if you follow properly then you will surely start writing SEO-Friendly blog articles.

How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post:

  1. Search and analyze Keywords
  2. Use Yoast Seo Plugin.
  3. Create a catchy title with focus keyword.
  4. Keep url short.
  5. Use Heading 2 with a keyword.
  6. Write high-quality content(minimum 1000 words).
  7. Use LSI Keyword in your blog post.
  8. Use images with alt tags.
  9. Keep your title tags and description beautiful.
These are some steps you can follow to write SEO-Friendly blog posts and get your post to show on the first page of search result.

Keyword Research

The first step in writing a high-quality article is "Keyword" and what many new bloggers do is when they write a blog post they do not research keywords at all. They just pick any keyword in their mind and start writing on it.

They also do not see that the keyword on which they are writing their article have traffic or search results or not or if it has traffic then if competition is high or low.

Whenever you start writing on any keyword, always analyze its traffic and competition.

If there is low competition then it will help your blog post on coming on the first page of search result.

There are lots of tools available for keyword research, but the best and free tool is Google Keyword Planner tool. You can easily find and analyze keyword for your article from here.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin:

Whenever you install WordPress on your website the very first plugin you need to install is Yoast SEO Plugin for your WordPress website.

SEO-Friendly blog post

SEO-Friendly Blog Title:

To write SEO-Friendly blog post, you will need to write a good title for your post.

The first thing any visitor will see in the search result is your title and if your title would be boring and not that catchy then there is a little chance only that he will click on your article or read it.

So, always think of a catchy title for your blog post and do use your focus keyword in the title.

Blog URL:

Your Blog Url also helps in improvement of your ranking in the search result.

Here I am sharing some tips that will make your article URL look good:

  • Whenever you buy any domain name always buy a short and easy to remember domain name which people can easily remember.
  • Create a brand of your own Like Shoutmeloud, SupportMeIndia etc.
  • Try to use a keyword in your URL.
Use Heading 2 With Keyword

Whenever you write an article always use heading 2 and do try to use the keyword in heading 2 and not just write keyword but add some more words along with it.

For Example, My Focus keyword is "SEO-Friendly blog post" and make this keyword heading 2 and write some more word along with it like "How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post(Step by Step Guide).

SEO Blog Post Content:

Now comes the most important factor on which we have written this article How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post.

So, If you want to write good high-quality SEO-Friendly content then I am sharing some tips which will be helpful for you.

Tips On Writing High-quality content:

  • Your Writing skill should be very good so that visitors enjoy reading your post.
  • Always share useful information in your post and not just self-promotion.
  • Always write an article of around 1000 words, above 1000 words will be good but below it will be a little less.
  • If your post is up to 1000 words, then try to add 3-4 images in it also and don't forget to use alt tags in your image and write your keywords in the alt tags.
  • Always try to write your article in short paragraphs and not a long paragraph.
  • Do not forget to use LSI Keyword in your article. Do not do keyword stuffing as it will make a negative impact on your Ranking.
How To Use LSI Keyword:

Suppose you write an article on "How to write a Seo-friendly blog post" then try to use your LSI Keyword in the first 100 words of the article.

Title tags and description:

When you complete all the above things then the only thing left will be title tags and description.

This will be the title tag that will appear in the Search result of the keyword.

Try to make the title tags and description as good as you can with use of your keywords.

In the title tag, you can only use up to 65 words and you can only use 165 words in the description. Add your focus keyword to the title and description 1 time.

Use Internal Links:

Internal linking is one of the best SEO Practices. This is very useful for your websites as well as Google also supports it.

There is 2 main advantage of internal linking:
  • The bounce rate of your website will be low.
  • Pageviews will be increased on your website.
In this process, you have to link another article of your website to the article you are writing, so that visitors can click on that link too and read that article of your website also.


The steps I have shared is easy an if you follow them all nicely then you will soon start seeing good results on your blog posts.

If you have any questions related to SEO-Friendly blog posts, you can ask us your questions by commenting and we will like to help you.


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