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Top 5 Business Books for 2018

Today we all want to start our own business as we do not want to work a boring schedule of 9-5 jobs every day. The most difficult part of starting own business is the capital which is difficult to find and many people change their mind of starting there own business just due to this one difficulty.

In that case, all those who dream of starting their business and achieve success must-read books that teach and guide them on the latest trends and concepts.

Top 5 Business Books Of 2018

Here in this article, I am sharing 5 best business books of 2018 that can accelerate your dream of starting your own business and learn something new.

1. Tools Of Titans: The tactics, Routines, and habits of billionaire, icons and world-class performers

best business books 2018

It is a detailed book with something in it for everyone. A book where one needs to go back and revisit topics to refresh and internalize. It is a must read for someone who is interested in changing his life.

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2. Valley Of The Gods: A Silicon Valley Story - By Alexandra Wolfe

2018 best business book

This book is a lot of fun, really informative and a quick read. This is one of the best-written business books I have read. It's surely a must read.

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3. Own It - The Power Of Women At Work

2018 business books

Own It - The Power Of Women At Work shows how women can use the strengths they already have to succeed in the workplace. It is educational and highly informative.

The book is best suited for a woman immersed in a corporate world who works with male employees and colleagues- one who is struggling in a male-dominated or male-centric workplace. For a woman in this situation, the book will probably be an encouragement, as Krawcheck gives pieces of advice and debunks harmful myth(eg. "men are better investors than a woman").

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4. Stealing Fire - By Steven Kotler And Jamie Wheel

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This book gives you insights into today's state of world and glimpse of what to come perfectly of connecting with something larger than oneself.

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5. The Power Of Broke - By Daymond John

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This book is best suited for all wannabe businessmen. It will surely help you on how to achieve your goals and find a way to get successful.

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