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Hello visitors, this is Divyam Jha first of all welcome to I had created this blog as my passion. I had no idea that we can earn money through blogging or by doing some SEO stuff. When I got much knowledge about blogging and become comfortable in doing some SEO stuff then I thought that I can share these things with all of you so that you can also make your career in blogging or make some good passive income online. So, if you want to get knowledge about tech then you can check this website daily for informational articles. I would be thankful to you.

About Tech Dev Tuts CEO/Founder

This is Divyam From I am a 22-year-old Digital Marketer & Blogger.

I was a normal boy before 7 years but was always a gadget lover. I used to buy many phones and use them for a while and then start thinking of getting a new phone. This helped me a lot to be a techy boy. Then I thought that I have to do something like blogging and I did and got much success. I used to post some important news, tips, and tricks, how to, and much more.

About " Tech Dev Tuts "

TechDevTuts is a learning place for those who aren't able to learn web development, SEO, tech related things.we provide all latest tech, SEO and much more tutorials in simple and easiest way.

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